Acupuncture improves cognitive function of patients suffering from vascular dementia.

Depression and anxiety after stroke are common and affect about a third of stroke survivors. While acupuncture to help stroke recovery has been well researched and recognised, specific studies to show acupuncture to treat post stroke depression are not as abundant. Researchers from China have searched the studies to perform an analysis and review. They […]

The latest issue of World Journal of Acupuncture-Moxibustion reports another study on acupuncture for menstrual pain.

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for menstrual pain.

Liver fibrosis happens when the proteins including collagen surrounding liver cells start to accumulate excessively.  Liver fibrosis is often a result of all types of liver diseases. Science used to consider liver fibrosis to be irreversible condition, but recent evidence suggests the opposite. Acupuncture has been increasingly used to treat chronic liver diseases. And we’re obviously interested […]

We already have some research to back up use of acupuncture use for weight loss. Some patients try acupuncture for weight loss and get great results. Want to try it? Visit us at our Auckland/North Shore clinic.

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Acupuncture has made its way into mainstream in military medicine in USA as a battlefield pain relief. The explanation why military embraces acupuncture may be simple: “As some top medical officers put it, though, there’s nothing like pain to make someone open-minded” Listen to npr radio report covering this topic here: [audio:]

Acupuncture is more effective in prevention of chronic migraine headaches and is 10 times safer compared to topiramate treatment. These are the findings of a study published in the current issue of Cephalalgia, a journal for International Headache Society. The researchers compared acupuncture with topiramate. They call for acupuncture to be considered a treatment option […]

Compared with the general anesthesia patients, the acupuncture and local anaesthesia patients used less of narcotic drugs and shorter stay in intensive care unit. Surprisingly they also had less postoperative pulmonary infection. Using acupuncture to aid with open heart surgery reduced cost of the treatment significantly.