ELEANOR HALL: Now to the new face of emergency medicine in Australia. In a radical departure from accepted hospital practice across the nation, the Emergency Department at the Northern Hospital in Melbourne is incorporating ancient techniques into its new approach to care. When patients arrive at casualty, they will now be treated with acupuncture to […]

March 2, 2005 A combination of Chinese medicine and conventional in-vitro fertilisation treatment is showing promising results in helping infertile couples, reports Hester Lacey -The Independent Read the story here To read more about fertility and acupuncture on vitalis.co.nz IVF and acupuncture :: vitalis.co.nz

I dug out this picture from my archives. This is me and my good friend Dr. John on the graduation day in the University of Chinese medicine in Beijing.

NEW YORK – Since Merck’s Vioxx was pulled from the market for increasingthe risk of heart attack and stroke in a long-term study, there has beenheated debate over whether other, similar medicines, such as Pfizer’sCelebrex and Bextra, carry similar risks. Pfizer issued a press release this morning saying that Celebrex also seemsto have increased the […]

Chinese medicine is helpful to dementia patients. Japanese researchers have conducted a trial of a herbal formula  to test the benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine Baweidihuang. They found out that the Chinese herbal formula has improved cognitive function significantly. The Activities of Daily Livings score also significantly improved. The placebo group showed no significant change. […]

Acupuncture Significantly increases pregnancy rateSignificantly reduces the risk of miscarriageSignificantly reduces the risk of tubular pregnancySignificantly increases the life birth rate Researchers from USA presented another study on IVF and Acupuncture that convinced even the sceptics. The research highlighted and reconfirmed the benefits and the value of acupuncture to the success of ART (assisted reproductive […]

A new research published in the journal ‘Allergy’ (September 2004, vol. 59, no. 9, pp. 953-960(8)) has confirmed the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating people who suffer from hayfever. Researchers at the University of Erlangen in Nuremberg, Germany, and the Charite University Medical Centre in Berlin conducted their research work on 52 hayfever sufferers in […]

Dr. R. Ian Hardy, an M.D. with Ph.D. Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist at Fertility Centers of New England said he recommends acupuncture in conjunction with in vitro fertilization to his patients all the time. IVF and acupuncture in Auckland, NZ