Acupuncture improves cognitive function of patients suffering from vascular dementia.  This was the conclusion of a study conducted at department of Acupuncture of Beijing Hospital of TCM.

The researchers used evaluated cognitive function, life quality and measured 8-OHdG (markers of oxidative stress in the urine) before and after acupuncture. Their findings confirmed that acupuncture reduces the levels of 8-OHdG and improves cognitive function and quality of life in vascular dementia patients.

The findings were published in the current issue of the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine [2012, 32(2):199-202].

Acupressure uses the same theory and many of the same points that are used in acupuncture. The points are stimulated with your fingers, not the needles.

A small Taiwanese study has shown acupuncture to reduce agitation and aggression associated with dementia.

The good news is that relatives and nurses at the nursing homes can be trained to use this technique and make the care for dementia patients heaps easier.

Chinese medicine is helpful to dementia patients. Japanese researchers have conducted a trial of a herbal formula  to test the benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine Baweidihuang.

They found out that the Chinese herbal formula has improved cognitive function significantly. The Activities of Daily Livings score also significantly improved.

The placebo group showed no significant change.

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The abstract of the study can be found here.