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Chinese medicine bears hope for childless women

March 2, 2005

A combination of Chinese medicine and conventional in-vitro fertilisation treatment is showing promising results in helping infertile couples, reports Hester Lacey -The Independent

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Chinese medicine eases dementia

Chinese medicine is helpful to dementia patients. Japanese researchers have conducted a trial of a herbal formula  to test the benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine Baweidihuang.

They found out that the Chinese herbal formula has improved cognitive function significantly. The Activities of Daily Livings score also significantly improved.

The placebo group showed no significant change.

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The abstract of the study can be found here.

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Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of allergic rhinitis

Ingenta: article summary — Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis: a randomized-controlled clinical trial

World Health Organisation: “Acupuncture is more effective than antihistamine drugs in the treatment of allergic rhinitis


Chinese medicine & SARS: HK researchers

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Hong Kong Baptist University announced here Thursday that traditional Chinese medicine with herbs can help patients with SARS sequelae.

Chinese medicine


[BEIJING] Chinese health authorities yesterday launched a nationwide programme to build up 161 traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospitals, each specialising in the treatment of a particular condition, such as different types of cancers, heart and vascular diseases and hepatitis.