Pain and acupuncture

At World Congress of Pain held in Montréal: Acupuncture for Pain

At World Congress of Pain held in Montréal, Canada, Acupuncture was featured in numerous presentations. I will cover the studies in more detail in another post, but there is a quick observation I would like to share here.

As far as physical therapies are concerned, acupuncture was a hand down winner in terms of number of studies presented at the congress: there were 14 abstracts on acupuncture presented, but only 4 for physiotherapy, 1 for osteopathy and none for chiropractic.

Pain congress: Acupuncture vs physiotherapy, osteopahty and chiropractic
This illustrates how much interest and attention acupuncture is receiving from the scientists compared to other modalities.

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  • melina

    Hi Dr. Vitalis
    I wanted to know where you searched the information about this. I tried to find it in the World Congress of Pain web page but I couldn´t.

    Thank you very much,

    From Spain,


    • Dr Vitalis Acupuncture

      Hi Melina,

      I will soon publish another post about the acupuncture studies presented at the congress with links to abstracts.

      Thanks for reading my blog :)


  • Dr Vitalis Acupuncture

    Hi Melina,

    done! The post with all the links is here: