In a study published in the current issue of International Journal of Obesity, researchers found acupuncture was effective and significantly reduced body weight in obese patients. The researchers compared acupuncture to placebo or sham treatments. Acupuncture also showed more improved outcomes than conventional medication.

My comment:

Maintaining optimal weight for otherwise healthy people has numerous health benefits. This study shows acupuncture to be helpful as a treatment for weight loss and more studies are needed. This study focused on obese patients.

You should not see acupuncture as a replacement for a healthy eating habits and exercise.

Acupuncture helps to decrease anxiety, stress, regulate appetite. It helps to relieve depression and increase motivation (including motivation to exercise).  Acupuncture improves quality of sleep. This will help to restore healthy lifestyle, which will benefit weight loss.

In my clinic I see numerous fertility patients suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Acupuncture can help these patients to reduce sympathetic nervous activity and restore regular ovulation. Maintaining body mass index between 20 and 25 is another way to alleviate symptoms of PCOS. This study also suggests that there may be more than one way acupuncture is helpful for PCOS patients.