Acupuncture best therapy for back pain

I have mentioned to you before that acupuncture is more effective than conventional treatment for pregnancy back pain, that acupuncture relieves lower back pain long-term and that you don’t even necessarily need the needles, acupressure for back pain alone is more effective than conventional therapies.

Now scientists from Germany have clearly spelled out that acupuncture is almost twice as effective as conventional treatment. And that the effect of treatment lasts for at least 6 months. This news has generated a lot of publicity from media worldwide, but not much in New Zealand.
Interestingly, none of the previous research got so much attention as this.

Reference: Archives of Internal Medicine

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  • Maurits van den Noort

    Dear readers,

    The study by Haake et al. (1) that was recently published in “Archives of Internal Medicine,” is indeed an interesting one and has received a lot of attention (in particular in Europe). Their results are promising and in line with previous findings (2). Moreover, acupuncture care for low back pain seems to be cost effective (3). Haake et al. (1) have used a strict methodology (4), making this a good scientific study. In our point of view, this is definitely the way to go for future acupuncture research…

    All the best,
    Maurits van den Noort & Peggy Bosch

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