What is dry needling? Dry needling utilises a very small part of acupuncture techniques. Some of the techniques used are not considered acupuncture. “Dry needling is an over-simplified version of acupuncture” The American Alliance for Professional Acupuncture Safety (AAPAS) White Paper 2016 (CJ Integr med 2017) Is dry needling safe?

Endometriosis New Zealand asked us to shoot a video on acupuncture for pelvic pain. Learn more about pelvic pain. Transcript of the video: Vitalis: My name is Vitalis. I’m an acupuncturist specialising in reproductive health, pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Chetna: My name is Chetna. I was diagnosed with endometriosis eight years ago. Vitalis: Endometriosis […]

Journal of Menopause published study on acupuncture’s beneficial effects for the condition typically affecting women when they reach 46-52 years of age.

acupuncture helps depression: cytokines

Recent research discovered that depression is not only psychiatric condition – it has a physiological manifestation in the brain. Scientists found that depressed patients have higher levels of cytokines. Cytokines are proteins which have an ability switch on inflammation in your body. These proteins can turn the brain into sickness mode – feeling down, lethargic, sleepy. […]

A number of recent studies focus on how reproductive acupuncture helps fertility and improves IVF success rates. Here is a summary of most important discoveries. Acupuncture perfects the uterine lining It improves the chances of triple-line pattern uterine lining. This kind of lining is much preferred when you’re trying to conceive, as it gives you a higher chance of […]

Why acupuncture is the best option for post-traumatic headaches? US military physicians say it should be recommended to patients because it is: effective, safe, cost-effective, has long lasting benefits. Dr Khusid of Deployment Health Clinical Centre (US Department of Defence) in her study says the current guidelines recommend a symptomatic approach for the three patterns […]

I’ve written about how brain imaging helps to understand how acupuncture works a couple of weeks ago.  Now I stumbled upon a study about acupuncture for insomnia and sleep deprivation. The study was conducted by JiaoTong university in China. They only chose one acupuncture point on a leg, which could be used to treat insomnia. […]

“Does acupuncture work” – asked an orthopedic surgeon, whom I met at a social gathering. I told him there were numerous studies to show it did, and as example mentioned a new study published in the current issue of Nature magazine. “Of forty mice with induced sepsis, all 20, who received acupuncture lived. Another 20 received […]